This scene is a personal project done with the intention of interpreting two pieces of concept art (Image1, Image2) done by Josh Kao for Halo 4. The goal was to keep the major beats of the concepts intact and recognizable while adding my own realization of the two spaces. All visual assets created by me. Screen captures taken from Unreal Engine 4.

Software Used:


The scene utilizes various modular meshes that snap together within Unreal Engine. More intricate "hero" pieces are spread around for additional visual interest. 

Most if not all of the assets have custom vertex normal weighting as well as a higher polycount with chamfered edges. Combined with a second set of UVs, this workflow eliminates the need for a custom baked normal map for each asset while achieving a very efficient high-poly look. It allows for very quick iteration and look development within the pipeline. 


For the purpose of quick iteration, creative flexibility and maximum control in-engine, all non-prop meshes share material instances that are derived from a single master material which utilizes multiple material functions masked by an RGB texture. Two packed textures make up the gray-scale masks for the metal, plastic, and painted surface shaders used within the material functions. All materials include low level weathering which can be controlled within the material instance by tweaking opacity values. Vertex paint was added for finer control of edge damage and dirt within context sensitive areas. Vertex paint detailing is controlled by a separate packed RGB texture. 

  •  Example of the low level weathering as well as different variations of materials that are achieved by simply tweaking the master material values.